Lunch & Learn at the Fair

The Lunch & Learn series is a unique opportunity to have lunch with a craftsman.  Hear their stories while you relax and enjoy a delicious lunch!  Given by Juried Members of the League of NH Craftsmen, this series of talks includes trunk shows, demonstrations, and more.  In a short time and in an easy-going fashion you will gain some insight into the creative process.  Please join us in the Upper Sunapee Lodge at noon – ($12.00/person) pre-registration is required by calling 603-224-3375 (before the Fair begins) or you may sign up at the Information Tent (K) once the Fair has begun.

Tuesday, August 9 – Catherine Green – Juried Member, Printmaking

Wednesday, August 10 – Annie Frye – Juried Member, Fiber

Thursday, August 11 – Patricia Palson – Juried Member, Fiber/Wearables

Friday, August 12 – Sussy Rose Shields – Juried Member, 2016 Annual Ornament Designer

Saturday, August 13 – Bob Dorr – Juried Member, Non Metal Jewelry

Sunday, August 14 – Michele O’Neil Kincaid – Juried Member, Fiber

Meet One of the Makers

The Annual Craftsmen’s Fair features the work of more than 350 craftspeople – see the list of participants here.  Get to know one of them — Sam Wild.

Sam-Wild-CalyCeramic artist Sam Wild is celebrating his 45th year at the Annual Craftsmen’s Fair!  Sam’s pottery is always eye-catching, with tiny sculpted animals that crawl around his lamps and peer out of his mugs, vases and bowls.

Sam grew up in Ohio and served in the US Navy for three years, traveling to Japan, Australia, Thailand and other Pacific destinations. After his discharge from the Navy, he went on to earn Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Fine Arts from Ohio University, where he met his wife Gail. In 1971, Sam and Gail moved to New Hampshire, and for many years Sam made pottery with hand-painted natural designs in traditional blues and browns. Looking to evolve his work, Sam started experimenting with glazes and invented his signature bright green glaze.  That bright green color field became the home for the frogs, beetles, geckos and other playful creatures he captures in clay.

Sam’s work always delights. Be sure to visit Sam at the Fair.