A Letter from Miriam Carter, Executive Director

The New Year is upon us and the staff and I are excited about all of the opportunities that are being presented to the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen! In our effort to advance the visibility of the League, we are embracing the theme of partnership.

Our current show, Black and White Encore, is extraordinary. With so many of our juried members submitting work, we had to find additional space within our Permanent Collection to display their creations. It was a nice problem to have and we are grateful to our creative Gallery Committee for finding a solution.

Gallery Committee members working on the Black and White Encore Exhibition.

The opening of Black and White Encore was a huge success with 125 guests in attendance. What happened next was even more exciting — we had our first partnership of the year! The Concord Garden Club partnered with us to produce their annual event “Art and Bloom.” The already impressive Black and White Encore came to life with the addition of colorful floral designs produced by talented individuals. The exhibit was a sensory delight for all and more than 400 guests visited in the course of two days.

Many of our guests had never visited the Exhibition Gallery simply because they did not know it existed. We are eager to find ways to spread the word and draw attention to our beautiful Exhibition Gallery and exquisite Permanent Collection. Our relationship with The Concord Garden Club has helped us to do so. We are grateful and look forward to future collaborations.

None of this could have happened without the dedication, talent and hard work of our volunteers on the Gallery Committee. The Gallery Committee spends two weeks diligently working before a new show opens. They take down the old show, paint the walls, build pedestals, and do whatever is necessary to accommodate the specific needs of the show. While this is happening, our juried members deliver their contributions to be exhibited. We often wonder, “Will this show ever come together?” But then, over the course of a few days, a myriad of beautiful, handcrafted pieces come together to create a cohesive exhibition. It is alchemy in the works, but once completed, it is a feast for the eyes!

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the Gallery Committee and their commitment to excellence. The Gallery Committee members are: Carol and Norm Babineau, Inge Eddy, Bob Englund, Ken Fairchild, Owain Harris, Peg Irish, Ritva Ojanen, Louis Pulzetti, Gillian Smith, Lauren VonDuyke-Dadmun, and Elena Wikstrom.  We look forward to all of the Exhibitions in 2018, and hope you will join us!