Spotlight on a Craftsman – Robert Dorr


Robert “Bob” Dorr has been playing with embroidery for most of his life, but came to his current work more seriously around 2001.  Bob practices a technique known as “stump work”, a process involving incredibly fine detail (for which he uses several magnification devices). If you have had the pleasure of experiencing one of Bob’s demos, you know that he is engaging to speak with and passionate about his projects – of which he is normally juggling several at any given time.

best-in-craftwear-bob-dorrBob’s incredible embroidered vest titled “Numbers Station” won Best in Show in the CraftWear exhibition at the 2016 Annual Craftsmen’s Fair (sewing credit for the vest goes to another Juried Member, Sharon Lindstrom).  The embroidery on the vest was inspired by espionage.  Numbers Stations were used as a communication link between the government and spies in other countries, and are still in existence today.  The vest is a transcript of one station from Christmas Day of 2014.  Who knows what messages lie within the code?