Setting the Standard

The latest exhibition at League Headquarters in Concord, NH celebrates both the skill and dedication of the League’s jurors. Experts in their areas of craft, they donate their time to not only critique the work of those who are new to the organization, but also to offer direction, guidance and inspiration to them.

Being a League juror is both a validation of what I’ve learned in my 40 year career, and a marvelous learning opportunity in and of itself. There’s as much to be leigh-english-4learned from each new applicant as there is excitement in seeing what he or she has done with the same basic information and tools that all calligraphers start out with. It’s a privilege and a pleasure to be part of the process of encouraging potential new members to continue to explore their creativity within the nurturing framework of the League.”
– Leigh English

The public reception for this exhibition will be held from 5 – 7 PM on Friday, January 13th. All are invited to join us. Read the press release here.