Spotlight on a Craftsman – Lauren Pollaro

lauren-pollaro-workMy mixed-media jewelry pieces represent my love for creating harmony with dissimilar materials. I am inspired to combine colors and textures, materials and techniques. My approach to working with mixed-media is an experimental and spontaneous process. It is my intention to create a piece that is unusual, dynamic and expressive as well as having the integrity of being well-made.

Being a juror, I not only look at work in terms of meeting standards, but also find it important to raise the question “does the work represent the spirit of the maker?” This is especially true in mixed media since there are so many different types of craft we see in this category. My role as juror is an honor as well as being personally rewarding. It gives me the opportunity to share my insights and knowledge in what will (hopefully) be taken constructively to enhance the process of another maker. In exchange, I often learn from another’s approach to their medium. I enjoy working collaboratively in the jurying process, sharing ideas with fellow craftspeople, especially since I work alone in my studio.

My home/studio is nestled in the woods on the southern coast of Maine. Work for me is more than a full-time job, but a lifestyle and I am grateful for the many quiet hours I spend involved in creating. Art has always been a part of my life as I come from a family of accomplished artists. I have degrees in Art and English from the University of New Hampshire and job experience in graphic design and magazine production. I am self taught in many aspects of my work and have otherwise taken courses and workshops to learn the technical skills required for metalsmithing and enameling. I have been working as a studio jeweler and mixed-media artist for over 25 years and market my work through fine craft shows and galleries.