Spotlight on a Gallery – North Conway

north-conwayThe North Conway gallery has gone through some big changes over the last two years. With 10 years experience as the manager/owner, Karissa Masse Jacobs is now running the show on her own. The glassblowing facility has been removed, and renovations to the gallery are currently in progress. These changes will include two new artist studios which will become available for craftsmen to rent, one right on the gallery’s main floor, and one in the loft above the gallery. These studios will be a fantastic way to educate the public about the art of fine craft making, as well as generating great exposure for the craftsmen in residence there.

Additionally, the gallery has expanded in size by about 30%. This spacious new gallery, with beautiful granite floors, features additional jewelry cases, furniture, photography, prints, and shelves full of colorful blown glass. Customers are thrilled to see the changes and enjoy perusing the new gallery space. With the holiday season upon us, Karissa reports that a mountain of new inventory is arriving daily to the gallery from craftsmen around the state. Happily, with the addition of this new space there is more than enough room to accommodate! The generous fine craft displays in the gallery, as always, are lovingly considered and beautifully presented, to showcase each item at its very best.

Below the craft gallery, on the first floor, pottery classes have been running full tilt. League juried member, Jennie Blair, has taken the pottery studio into her skilled and experienced hands for the last 2 years, teaching classes, offering open studios for pottery students, maintaining and managing the studio and firing schedules, and even offering pottery demonstrations to gallery patrons. The demand for pottery classes has been so strong as to keep them running virtually without a break week after week. You can view the current class listing on the North Conway website, and be sure to check back again, as new class offerings appear regularly.

In addition to the changes on the main floor Karissa also intends to renovate an additional classroom on the lower level, adjacent to the pottery studio. This new classroom will create a perfect environment to accommodate other craft mediums. Hopefully by the spring there will be a variety of additional craft class offerings, such as basket weaving, jewelry making, and stained glass.

The North Conway League Gallery has been in operation since 1932. With positive energy, exciting changes, and a long history of beautiful fine craft, the North Conway Fine Craft Gallery certainly has a lot going on. Come and see for yourself!